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Sausage Tray

The Want & Need

Launching a new product in one of the hottest, emerging retail categories requires a winning product, packaging perfection, and a compelling brand story. Approached by one of the leading plant-based meat brands, Be Green was tasked with designing sausage packaging that was unique within the well-established category (traditionally uses polypropylene), has sustainable attributes, and able to have an extended shelf-life. Working in partnership with the brand, we designed a sausage tray that housed 4 links separated by ribbing, added de-nesting notches (plugs), and manufactured a tray that was sturdy enough for a branded overwrap with stretch film.

BeGreen Sausage Tray
Be Green Sausage Tray

The Solution

After several design iterations and prototype testing, the design was finalized using our standard formulation blend which achieved the extended shelf-life expectation without requiring a laminate film. The product fit securely within the tray, limiting movement during transport resulting in perfect product merchandising in retail. This compostable, plant-based sausage tray development accomplished another 1st in the packaging industry.

The Results

Once the product was released in selected markets, immediate feedback was provided on their social media platforms with comments, “I knew immediately the packaging was sustainable because of the color - natural brown”, another commented, “love the product, love the packaging”. In a review, the author stated that the first thing that caught their attention, was the packaging because it was made from not the typical plastic material and incorporated a ‘minimalist’ approach. Sales for the product remain strong along with the continuous overwhelming approval from customers.


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