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Cold Drink Lid

The Want & Need

With a looming deadline for plastic ban legislation, the customer required a solution to replace their current plastic cold drink lids and achieve an aggressive launch timeline (9-months) to an International location. Having seen Be Green’s fiber coffee lid in the market, the customer reached out inquiring if we could design, manufacture, and meet annual mass-volume demand for their top global QSR brand. They wanted: a lid made in fiber, compostable, liquid repellent, durable, smooth finish and with embossing/debossing for logos and small print.

Cold Lids

The Solution

After months of formulation blend development and product testing, we developed a new formulation blend that used FSC certified materials that enabled the removal of barrier products, resulting in a 100% PFAS-Free lid. This massive achievement resulted in being the 1st in the world to develop and mass produce exclusively a cold beverage strawless lid. Further, we were able to accomplish in mass production, incorporating the small font request along with press-buttons for drink type identification. The final piece to the solution, to achieve the mass volume request, we had to develop automation features within the mass production process.

The Results

After initial product training, store employees seamlessly were able to make the switch from plastic lids to the PFAS-Free fiber lids with minimal consumer resistance. The lids were quickly adopted by consumers and staff who were excited about having a non-plastic cold drink lid solution that achieved lid fit expectations, exceeded design functionality and was legislatively compliant.


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