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Next Generation Coffee Lid and Two New Cold Beverage Lids

Strawless & Strawlid Front angleBe Green Packaging is Proud to Introduce:

Almost three years after unveiling our first fiber coffee lid, we are proud to announce the release of our upgraded hot beverage lid design called, the “Next Gen”. The lid is PFAS-Free, compostable, and made of a new fiber blend. Advancements in the Next Gen hot beverage lid include upgraded drinking spout incorporating ribbing design to strengthen rigidity, increased diameter for air vent to increase drink flow, and lid flange improvements to further reinforce lid-to-cup sealing.

Most cold drink, fiber beverage lids are coffee lids being used as cold cup lids. After extensive market testing and commercialization with a top QSR, we knew we had the right formulation and designs to release superior performing, cold beverage lids. The first design is the Strawless lid. As the name depicts, this lid does not require a straw and features a flip-top drinking spout design. The second cold drink lid is a Strawlid design. This lid features a sleek, low-profile design reminiscent of current cold drink lids with a straw hole.

All of our fiber, beverage lids feature FSC certified materials, meet ASTM requirements, and can be customized to match your brand needs. Consumer feedback revealed that not only do they enjoy knowing that the lids are not plastic, but the drinking experience is that much better. Make the change and save the planet from plastic drink lids.

For more information and to receive samples, please contact us here.