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Be Green Packaging offers a variety of material and manufacturing solutions. We work with a wide variety of plant and tree substrates to produce high-quality, engineered products.

Our Process

Be Green’s innovative manufacturing process begins by blending natural fibers in a pulping system. The resulting slurry is fed into multiple thermo-pump molding machines which use heat and pressure to create compostable containers. These packaging containers continue on their lifecycle as ideal solutions for a wide variety of foodservice and consumer packaged goods products that can be recycled or composted to complete the packaging circularity loop.


The equipment used is extremely flexible. It can accommodate a wide variety of container sizes which can changeover quickly. The result is a highly efficient production environment that can change rapidly to accommodate customer production requirements.

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Our Technology

Design and package engineering support is available at both the United States and China manufacturing locations. Our turn-key capability means that an engineering professional can quickly address specific packaging requirements, develop new packaging designs and solutions, prototype in our world-class tooling shop, test in the market, and manufacture in-house tooling to meet our customer's packaging needs.  

 Be Green Packaging utilizes custom-designed and state-of-the-art production machinery that differentiates Be Green from other packaging manufacturers. Our machinery leads in multiple categories:  

  • High Speed / Low Cycle Times 
  • High Pressure / Tonnage Sq. In.
  • High Cavitation / Multi-Tool Process 

Our Quality

Quality and consistency are key imperatives to ensuring packaging performs. Be Green prides itself in using vision systems and statistical process controls to ensure that the containers leaving our facilities meet all quality standards. We have worked diligently to minimize production rejects. We want to make sure that what makes it onto the pallet is a container you will be able to use for your product.


Our Flexibility

BGP prides itself in offering a variety of material and manufacturing solutions. We work with various plant and tree substrates, highly engineered for the end products. We offer PFAS-free solutions with laminate and coating options. We also provide manufacturing solutions with flexible machine capabilities from high-speed/less complex/mass production to lower speed/high difficulty/precision molding.

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