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Developed from natural fibers, rapidly renewable and responsibly sourced. Be Green provides foodservice packaging that meets regulatory requirements while protecting your food and the planet.

We produce a comprehensive line of stock and custom foodservice products including bowls, utility trays, sushi trays, supermarket trays, cup lids, and more.

Both Stock and Custom Packaging Solutions

Be Green, with a documented track record delivering fiber packaging solutions globally, has the ability to serve your environmentally safe packaging needs, either stock or custom.

Beverage Lids

As the global leader in molded fiber lid manufacturing and distribution, we are proud to offer “PFAS-Free” recyclable and compostable lids made from sustainable and renewable, natural fiber sources. After extensive performance testing and design expertise, Be Green Packaging now supplies global leaders in QSR and the beverage industry.

BeGreen Packaging Foodservice

Bowls and Souffle Cups

A complete line of sustainable bowls perfectly designed for soups, small and large portion salads, poke, rice bowls, and fruit bowls. Rounding out the bowl lineup is our fastest-growing product, the 32-ounce oval bowl, used for burritos and a variety of food. The 32-ounce oval bowl comes with two dome lid options made of fiber or recyclable PET.



Using polystyrene foam take-out containers is no longer preferred and legislatively banned in some areas. Consumers prefer an environmentally friendly option like our compostable clamshells. We offer clamshells in a variety of sizes beginning with a 6-inch single serve, 9 x 6-inch hoagie style, and 8 & 9-inch single and three-compartment. As take-out and delivery continue to grow, our range of clamshells offer a wide selection of choices for many different types of food.

Food Trays

Food Trays

Developed by demand for a foodservice product that can service smaller portions and single-serve items, this tray’s beautiful design is used in bakeries, delis, salad bars, and restaurants. Available in 16, 24, and 32-ounces, these trays can hold more food than you think while encompassing a smaller footprint. Lids available for this tray include a recyclable PET flat and dome lid.



Our fiber plates have been a fan favorite for events, parties, picnics, and take-out. The plates are made from plant fibers that offer a durable and rigid structure able to hold many types of food including BBQ dishes and more. We currently offer a complete line of sizes including 6”, 9”, 10” single compartment and 10” three-compartment deep dish style with recyclable PET lid.

Specialty Trays

Specialty Trays

Setting the sustainable packaging trend, our sushi trays are used for a variety of food applications including fruit & cheese, sausage, confectionaries and most notably, sushi. We offer small, medium, and large size sushi trays with matching recyclable PET lids that contain anti-fog treatment for superior visual display in retail.

Supermarket Trays

Supermarket Trays

Specifically designed for strength, product safety and display, our gridded supermarket trays maintain structural form with overwrapping and can maintain shelf-life in refrigerated display environments. Used throughout supermarkets and convenience stores for meat, poultry, fish, produce and sandwiches. Current models include a 2D-G and 4D-G. Additional sizes available upon request.

Utility Trays

Utility Trays

The tray that launched Be Green Packaging, the 54-ounce utility tray was originally designed and manufactured for salad bars but has since been used for burgers, fries, deli items, pasta, and meal dishes. The line has been further developed to include a 28-ounce three compartment and 32-ounce single compartment tray favored by schools and restaurants. Be Green offers three lid choices including a flat fiber and recyclable PET flat and dome lid.


foodservice Catalog

View our complete line of stocking Foodservice packaging in our catalog to find the right products for your restaurant, grocery store, convenience store and business needs. The catalog includes Beverage Lids, Bowls & Souffle Cups, Specialty (Sushi) Trays, Utility Trays, Food Trays, Supermarket Trays, Clamshells, and Plates.

For Specialty Products & Capabilities

Features and Benefits


Structural integrated design

Superior strength, designed with durability in mind.


Food packaging lid fit

Lids are carefully designed to protect and secure food for display and transportation.


Microwave and oven safe

Lab certified microwavable for up to 10 minutes and ovenable up to 325°F for ½ hour.


Refrigerator and freezer safe

Able to use with cold and frozen foods while maintaining packaging form and rigidity.


Grease and water barrier resistant

Protective barriers help prevent moisture absorption.


Certified compostable (ASTM D-6868)

Meets legislative requirements as a sustainable replacement for Plastic and Polystyrene Foam.


Able to use with hot foods

Fiber containers sustain form while providing a barrier from the heat when handling.


Certified recyclable by Western Michigan University

Meets legislative requirements for recyclability.


FDA letter of guarantee

Conforms to FDA guidelines for food use.

For Foodservice Catalog:

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