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The Want & Need

High-end products require flawless packaging. This customer approached us with the request for high-end packaging that had a large design footprint, multiple cavities, and a distinctive color pantone. Additional request included friction-fit cavities to ensure product safety in transport and for packaging reuse. A final request was that the packaging surface was comparable, both in look and texture to match that of plastic packaging.


The Solution

The design phase began with a focus on developing the main product and accessories cavities. This entailed designing cavities so that the product would be secure during transport but able to be removed by the customer without damaging the packaging (customers use the packaging for product storage). Having the ability to match all Pantone colors, we worked with our color supplier to perfectly match the desired Pantone outcome - pure black. To achieve the high-end look and feel, required to work with our manufacturing team to modify the forming process for maximum forming pressure.

The Results

For brands in the electronics space, unboxing videos are a key selling tool resulting in packaging playing a significant role in the product line success. With a quick search online, the unboxing videos began to appear with all reviewers being impressed by the luxurious feel and aesthetics of the packaging while being amazed at how many items were safely packaged within.


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