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Rodan & Fields

The Want & Need

As the number #1 premier skincare brand in North America, the brand has a reputation and promise to maintain. With a passion for creating life-changing skincare solutions, this passion extended to their packaging and sustainability efforts. The desired packaging had to house products safely, be made of sustainable materials, and provide the look and feel that signifies a premier brand. Protecting the environment was a key driver based on newly developed “Do Good” goals that are embedded in their core business operations.


The Solution

The packaging development process started with the careful selection of raw materials due to the sustainability initiatives – recyclable and compostable. Key details for the design stage included multi-cavity development that incorporated friction-fit elements and minimal packaging footprint. During the prototyping stage, both vibration and drop testing was performed. The final solution was in the manufacturing process, producing a packaging product (or piece) that had a high-end exterior finish that resembled the look of plastic.

The Results

The success of the packaging touched on several key objectives, including delivering a high-end packaging experience for consumers. Achieved sustainability goals by using a renewable fiber material source thus experiencing a reduction in plastic. Product safety during transport was successful in decreasing the percentage of product returns while adding to the overall user experience.


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