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P&G DS3 face wash

The Want & Need

The iconic CPG brand wanted to eliminate plastic packaging while reducing the overall footprint for a new product line and creating a new packaging look. The new packaging strategy had the main objective of reducing plastic waste to lessen the impact that cleaning products have on the environment. The packaging needs included developing a design that safeguarded the product, allowed for multi-product compartments, a flat flange for interior sealing and a smooth finish with the ability to apply heat transfer labeling.

P&G DS3 custom packaging with direct print

The Solution

Creating packaging that matches a truly innovative new product required precise design planning, packaging performance testing, and manufacturing process innovation. Materials used were our standard blend formulation that allowed for the packaging to be 100% compostable and recyclable. The design incorporated multi-cavity mold design to house the product and a flattened interior flange for sealing film application. Be Green was able to achieve heat transfer label application technology due to being able to produce a highly refined smooth fiber surface.

The Results

The results speak for themselves. The product has received award recognition while providing the brand significant savings. Package design footprint reduction, increasing ecommerce shipping ability while decreasing shipping cost. The final design resulted in a 70% less space reducing the overall carbon footprint. DS3 packaging is fully sustainable – biodegradable and recyclable.



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