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Consumer packaged goods (CPG)

We partner with top global companies to provide custom solutions for CPG brands. Our ability to design, develop and manufacture packaging solutions allow us to deliver quality and tailored packaging experiences.

CPG Combo

premium fiber packaging solutions

Be Green Packaging delivers custom, molded fiber packaging solutions, including materials, design shapes, sizes, colors, and printing. We meet these challenges through manufacturing excellence, material advancements, and design expertise while working closely with the brand team.



With certifications to back up the claims. It’s recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.


Design Shapes

We can mold our product to the shape of yours.  Endless geometric options: extreme draft angles, cylinders, curves, compartments, and more.


Draft Angles

We can produce standard to extreme draft angles unlike other packaging types such as thermoforms and competitive molded fiber options.


Design and Engineering Expertise

Our highly experienced packaging design and engineering team can take your vision and create a solution to fit your needs.


Visually and Tactilely Superior

The look, the feel, and the experience. Packaging is an extension of your brand and should accurately reflect your product.


Color, Color, Color

Did we mention color? Our packaging can be made in any PMS color your brand desires.



Our material surfaces will accept a variety of inks and application methods.


Manufacturing Footprint

Our production and distribution facilities are strategically located in the US and China so that we can deliver to your supply chain quickly and efficiently.



With a highly experienced design, engineering, and account management team, we can deliver projects on-time and budget.

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Case Study

Bull Dog

The shaver line was designed to be sustainable and ecofriendly with packaging that matched the brand promise. The tray design incorporated a ‘stand-alone’ feature for shelf merchandizing...

DS3 Case Study

Case Study

P&G DS3 Face Wash

The iconic CPG brand wanted to eliminate plastic packaging, while reducing the overall footprint for a new product line and creating a new packaging look. The new packaging strategy had the main objective of...

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