Cradle to Cradle.

Be Green Packaging was the first food packaging company to achieve Cradle to Cradle Silver certification for its U.S. manufactured foodservice packaging. The Cradle to Cradle process transforms traditional “take, make and waste” manufacturing systems into creators of goods and services that generate ecological, social and economic value. The process transcends traditional business practices where raw materials are extracted from the earth and ultimately discarded in landfills. Be Green has transformed this cradle-to-grave mentality into a closed-loop packaging philosophy.

In order to abide by this philosophy we use sustainable raw resources such as bagasse, wheatstraw, tree fibers and kenaf. We also follow a set of environmentally responsible criteria:
▪    Our products are compostable in industrial composting facilities.
▪    Our products are unbleached.

USDA’s BioPreferred® program.

Managed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the goal of the BioPreferred® program is to increase the purchase and use of biobased products.  The program’s purpose is to spur economic development, create new jobs and provide new markets for farm commodities. The increased development, purchase and use of biobased products reduces our nation’s reliance on petroleum, increases the use of renewable agricultural resources, and contributes to reducing adverse environmental and health impacts.  The two major parts of the program are mandatory purchasing requirements for federal agencies and their contractors, and a voluntary labeling initiative for biobased products.

Western Michigan Recycling: Recyclability.

Be Green Packaging’s fiber consumer packaged goods and foodservice containers were certified recyclable by Western Michigan University.


WMU’s Paper Pilot Plant has taken a leading role in encouraging food packaging companies and fast food restaurants to promote recyclability. WMU is not only helping change the industry, they are helping define the standards and procedures for certifying fiber-based products for repulpability and recyclability. Be Green is excited to be one of the first to engage in their process.

Additional Certifications.

Additional certifications include FSC, BRC and SWA certified. FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. BRC certification is an internationally recognized mark of food safety and quality.


Product Compost: Testing facility partner Daly Organics.