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Be Green Packaging is Excited to Get Out and Visit Customers and Meet New Ones at the Upcoming Imperial Dade Show and 45th Annual Amusement & Theme Park Food Service Show

As legislation and consumer demand continue to influence brands packaging decisions, Be Green Packaging is looking forward to meeting with current and new customers to review and discuss our sustainable packaging solutions that meet these demands.

Be Green representatives will be displaying our stock foodservice product line, custom packaging capabilities, and fiber packaging innovations. As a molded fiber manufacturing with 15 years’ experience, we have producing innovative packaging solutions for global and growing companies in foodservice, grocery, and retail consumer products.

Packaging legislation continues to expand across the US and globally to help combat the use of plastics and other materials that harm the environment and are not properly recycled in waste management. Be Green will be showcasing  our stock foodservice products that meet these regulations. Stock product categories encompass recyclable and compostable bowls, assorted sizes of food trays, souffle cups, sushi trays, clamshells, and plates. The hottest selling product in our stock lineup is the hot and cold beverage lids. These lids are PFAS-Free, made from renewable fibers, recyclable and compostable. In addition, Be Green representatives will be highlighting our custom packaging capabilities that include an assortment of design shapes, sizes, laminations, embossing and special blend formulations.

For more information and to schedule a meeting with Be Green at the show, please use the contact form here.

Imperial Dade Innovations Show September 21st, 2022

Be Green Packaging Booth #125

Imperial Dade’s Innovations Expo and see the latest in foodservice packaging, janitorial supplies, floor equipment, industrial packaging, and more! Over 200 exhibitors will display thousands of products. Whether you are looking for the latest in takeout containers, help upgrading your cleaning program, or packaging and supplies for your warehouse operations, you will find what you need at the Innovations Expo.

45th Annual Amusement and Theme Park Food Service Conference September 21st, 2022

Be Green Packaging Booth #203

The annual event brings together Amusement and Theme Park operators who are searching for innovations and packaging solutions to meet legislation and consumer expectations. Visitor spending climbed to record heights this summer at theme parks in the United States despite lower attendance compared to pre-pandemic levels as America’s playlands continue to recover from the reverberating impacts of COVID-19 closures.