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Be Green Packaging Expands CPG, Retail and Ecommerce Packaging Capabilities

With over a decade of custom packaging experience producing solutions for notable brands such as P&G, Google, Apple, Edgewell and more, Be Green Packaging has expanded custom packaging capabilities. Developing custom packaging solutions  requires extensive research and development while working with key partners. As the current mass shift away from non-sustainable packaging, molded fiber packaging is set to replace current retail packaging. P&G DS3 custom packaging with direct print

Consumer demand, corporate sustainability goals and ecommerce growth have all fueled the transition to custom molded fiber packaging. With these objectives in mind, Be Green Packaging has expanded custom capabilities to include direct print to fiber, new blend formulations and extreme draft angles. These new and advanced capabilities add to the current capabilities that include design shapes, sizes, colors, finishes and sealing applications.

Be Green continues to make advancements in design and manufacturing optimization. With over a 15-years manufacturing experience, we have the ability to produce refined packaging that molds to the shape of your current packaging or a new design. The vast ability includes varied geometric designs including cylinders, sharp curves, and multi-compartment trays with friction fit to secure products.

The benefits to brands seeking a transition to ecofriendly packaging are enormous. Not only achieving meeting sustainability goals, but also creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly story. Custom designing and manufacturing molded fiber packaging can achieve packaging optimization, product transport, and highly attractive aesthetics.

Engineered carriers protect your product while offering an aesthetically pleasing presentation. What could not be achieved years ago in molded fiber retail packaging is now a reality.

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