Inhabitat and Philips: Bright Ideas Lighting Design Competition and Philips have teamed up to present the Bright Ideas Lighting Design Competition.  The competition is a chance for budding eco-designers to showcase their skills by designing LED table lamps, floor lamps, and/or ceiling/pendant lights that are simultaneously sustainable and chic.  In addition to the attention your design will receive from some of the design and ‘eco’ worlds biggest names, will be featuring the winning design on their homepage and awarding the winner $1000.

Philips is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of eco-friendly, low-energy LED lights and specifically seeks to showcase sustainable design with this competition.
Inhabitat and Philip’s motivations for the contest are laid out on the competitions homepage:

“According to the USGBC, buildings account for 40% of the United States’ carbon footprint, and electric lighting consumes a significant portion of the energy used to power our buildings. It’s clear that we need to pursue energy-efficient lighting alternatives to secure a sustainable future — and fortunately the technology is here today. LED bulbs currently available on store shelves can be 5 times more energy-efficient than their incandescent counterparts, and they can last for up to 25,000 hours.”