Be Green Packaging LLC Lives the Color at Earth Day Celebrations Around the Country

As Earth Day celebrations occurred around the world, Be Green Packaging asked consumers, “shouldn’t every day be Earth Day?”

Be Green Packaging staff around the nation spent Earth Day and the weekend prior educating consumers on the importance of composting. Meanwhile, Be Green Packaging’s executive team attended the Earth Day Festival in Shanghai, China.

Be Green booths were set up at festivals and in Whole Foods Market stores in an attempt to spread the word about the importance of reducing the use of non-renewable, single-use containers.Throughout the events, Be Green staff was met with consumer enthusiasm and support. In addition, consumers expressed their distaste for restaurants, schools and other organizations that seem to have no concern for the environment. Be Green’s hope is that this emerging consumer population will force positive change in the industry.

Be Green Packaging was in turn educated on Earth Day by environmentally-conscious consumers who offered their suggestions of companies they’d like to see go green. Send us your ideas and we’ll see what we can do. Meanwhile, be sure to “Live the Color” and treat every day as Earth Day.