Be Green Packaging Products Compost at Home

A recent Santa Barbara resident used and composted Be Green Packaging’s products in a home compost pile. The products were placed in an aerobic composter filled with kitchen scraps, coffee grounds, lawn clippings, and chicken and rabbit waste. Much to our excitement, the items broke down in only ten days, after being turned only a few times. The resident and his son documented and filmed the decomposition of three Be Green Packaging items, namely the 9” inch plate, the 6” plate and a supermarket meat tray. To view the videos, see below or go to our YouTube channel.

At Be Green, we strongly believe in the benefits of composting for the local community and the environment. Our products are designed to end up in either an industrial or home composter. Be Green has certified our products for industrial composting, however, there is currently no home composting standard or certification process. Despite this, we believe these videos, produced by a customer, offer proof that Be Green’s products are indeed compostable at home.

Meat Tray

Small Plate

Large Plate