Be Green Packaging Employees Lend a Helping Hand

As a triple bottom line company focused on people, planet, and profit, Be Green Packaging LLC strives to uphold socially responsible practices. Be Green seeks to work with businesses that operate to improve the educational, environmental, cultural, economic and social well being of the communities in which they work.

In addition to the company’s socially responsible practices, Be Green staff has dedicated personal time to enriching the lives of others. Recently, employees donated a weekend of their time to support a building project in Tijuana, Mexico. Partnering with Corazon, a non-profit organization, Be Green staff helped build and furnish a house for a family of three. The family, through many hours of community service, was chosen by their community to be the next Corazon member to receive a house. Be Green staff joined a team of 40 to help complete the project on time.

Be Green employees also plan to volunteer their time towards working on a local organic farm managed by A Rocha International. Be Green staff plans to help build compost bins and assist with cultivation and harvesting. In turn, all food produced by this farm will be donated to struggling families within the local community.

Be Green Packaging is proud to have employees so inclined to donate their time and efforts to causes that not only support Be Green’s vision, but help make the world a better place.