Be Green Launches Plastic Education Campaign

As consumers and businesses everywhere are attempting to “go green,” plastic is a topic that everyone seems to be discussing. Cities and governments around the world are banning plastic bags at checkout counters and others are moving away from plastic packaging. The Gulf Oil Spill has also made society question our reliance on petroleum-based products such as plastic. Meanwhile, environmental issues have continued to gain priority on the public agenda.

Here at Be Green our mission is to “Live the Color.” TM No only do we attempt to do this in our own lives, but we also try to empower others to do the same. Therefore, Be Green has launched a Plastic Education Campaign to help educate their customers and end users on the effects of plastic and ways to reduce its prevalence in their lives. The campaign will be featured on Be Green’s blog and will include informative articles, case studies, facts, and personal stories. We hope this campaign will help inspire and encourage consumers everywhere to make environmentally conscious decisions in their everyday lives.