Be Green Packaging and Genji, Inc. Launch Sustainable Sushi Containers

Be Green Packaging LLC and Genji, Inc. have introduced what they believe to be the world’s first fiber-based sushi tray line. The trays are made from Be Green’s annually renewable, compostable, tree free, bulrush fiber pulp. The lids are made from PETE (100% recyclable). The sushi trays, now available in Whole Foods Markets on the East Coast from Maine to Florida, are offered in three sizes (sm, md, lg) and match the size and style of the previously used plastic (Polystyrene) traditional sushi tray.

Be Green and Genji want to partner with communities across the globe in hopes of reducing landfill waste and increasing the composting effort. The sushi tray line is a great step towards fulfilling that goal and reducing mankind’s dependence on petroleum-based packaging.

Visit your local Genji and Whole Foods Market to see the new line. More information on the sushi line is also available at