Ridgeland Updates Sept. 21st, 2011

September has been an exciting month for Be Green in South Carolina.  Distribution operations officially began on Sept. 1st, 2011 and have been running smoothly under the combined oversight of Johnny McGill, Julian Carbajal, and Brian Reesee (see more pictures of the distribution operations here).  Julian will be heading down to Ridgeland later this week to oversee Shipping, Logistics, and Development of the new facility.

In addition to running distribution operations and developing the plant in the run up to manufacturing operations, Johnny and Brian have also been hard at work instating the facility’s recycling program.  Jasper county has a phenomenal, extensive recycling program and Be Green plans to take full advantage of it in line with the stated goal of becoming a waste-free facility.  In the last two weeks, the facility has developed a comprehensive recyclable material sorting system that will help to minimize or eliminate any potential waste generated by day to day office and distribution operations.

Rather than relying on loud, noisy lawnmower machines to keep up the lands surrounding the facility, Be Green CEO Ron Blitzer has insisted that goats be brought in to tend the land.  Aside from becoming informal company mascots, the two goats, tentatively named “Be” and “Green”, will be supplying local artisanal cheese makers with fresh milk (just kidding).  In all seriousness though, “Be” and “Green” will help close the loop and keep the plant as close to a self-sustaining “cradle to cradle” system as possible.

As of early last week, composting operations are also up and running at the plant, handling all on site food scraps and appropriate distribution waste.  For those interested in learning more about composting, we would like to offer our company Composting Toolkit for download from the link below.  Simply right click and select “Save as” from the drop down menu.  Then choose a location to save the file.  You may also simply click on the file linked below to view it within your browser (not all browsers support this feature).