2012 Consumer Survey Shows Whole Foods Market and P&G Are Leading Green Brands

A recently released ‘Green Brands Survey’ conducted by leading firms Landor Associates (consulting and design) and Penn Schoen Berland (research and communications) show that in the eyes of the consumer, Whole Foods Market is the nations leading green brand in 2012.   Other top 10 finishers were Proctor and Gamble (P&G), Kimberley-Clark, Google and Waste Management, among others.

The study measured consumers subjective ratings across various attributes relating to brand perception and environmental efforts such as “is a green company,” “is an environmental leader,” and “has environmentally friendly product’s”, etc. to determine which companies were considered the ‘greenest brands’ of 2012.

Whole Foods Market is widely known for its pioneering role as the nation’s first organic grocery and Proctor and Gamble has been making huge efforts towards increasing the sustainability of its offerings across the many brands it owns.  Both companies have made a huge environmental impact by adopting Be Green Packaging’s plant fiber trays for use in their operations.  Learn more about P&G’s environmental efforts with their new Fusion ProGlide Razor here.  Learn more about Whole Foods sustainability efforts here.