Panama Goes Green with Cuquita Cookita Cuisine

Just a few short months after we launched our online store, we received an order from Panama out of the blue.  This piqued our curiosity and so we did a little digging to discover just who was behind the plant fiber packaging demand down by the equator… what we found blew us away!

Enter Cuquita Cookita  — a gorgeously executed, innovative  “…business dreamed, created and managed by women who are conscious about the environment and how our choices affect it.” (that’s a direct quote from Cuquita Calvo, one of the visionaries behind Cookita) So committed, in fact, that they import Be Green Packaging’s utility and sushi trays to hold and transport their culinary creations.

Led by renowed Panamanian Chef Cuquita Calvo, patrons can customize their meals from a daily selection of salads, carvings and side dishes to enjoy at the beautiful and tastefully decorated restaurant or on the go at their own convenience. Their gourmet meals are prepeared with the finest local ingredients in truly sustainable plant fiber packaging.

It’s always inspiring to hear pioneering stories of eco-conscious entrepreneurs like the ladies behind Cuquita Cookita and the lengths that they will go to execute their vision and stay in alignment with their environmental and socially conscious ideals.

You can learn more about Cuquita Cookita at their website here: Cuquita Cookita

If you're in Panama, make sure to stop by and check them out!