4 Tips for a Red, White & GREEN 4th!

Its that time of year again, 4th of July, our nation’s holiday to celebrate our independence, freedom and America the brave! Let’s also celebrate our beautiful country by showing the most respect and not trashing it more than we absolutely have to.
That’s why we have put together a few suggestions this Summer BBQ season to help you be a little more Red, White & GREEN!

1. Instead of dangerous, messy, toxic fireworks that only last a second of entertainment, try biodegradable lanterns that float up high into the sky and can be used to make wishes, a fun activity to do with all ages (under supervision of course)

2. If there’s anything worse than plastic plates, it just might be their styrofoam counterparts. One of the easiest things you can do to go green is to reach for biodegradable plates and bowls. They ring in at just about the same price – give or take a few cents – and the overall impact is quite significant!

Instead of plastic solo cups and disposable silverware, invest in some washable, colorful and sustainable alternatives!

3. Instead of having coolers full of single beverages, create fun and refreshing beverages in dispensers like "Independence Punch" so you can use the same cup and keep refilling. This will save you a lot of money and garbage to dispose of.

4. It's an obvious tip, but it doesn't hurt to remind you to make sure not to leave behind any trash, recycle bottles, cans and paper and leave as little of an impact as possible on the planet!